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Imagine seeing a friend at your window whom you knew had passed away—the face of a girl looking like she didn’t understand what was happening, not knowing that she had been asleep when the car accident occurred and she was killed before waking up. What do you think your reaction would be? When this happened to Alexandra, she questioned what she was seeing. This was not logical, not something that was supposed to happen. Yet it did.

Alex’s psychic abilities first showed up when she was a teenager. (She is now twenty-three.) In addition to seeing people who have passed away, she receives messages in dreams, and is also empathic. She feels other people’s emotions and would like to develop her psychic gifts to be a healer. As with Jamie and Emma, my first impression of Alex was that she is a friendly, down-to-earth person with confidence in her abilities. But, also like the other girls, Alex did not understand what was happening when she first began to have paranormal experiences. She was frightened, and has come a long way in learning how to handle her gift.

At first, Alex did not know how to stop the chilling feeling of being watched all the time. It was usually worse at night. In bed, in the darkness and the quiet, her senses seemed to be heightened to the paranormal, and she could feel the presence of many people crowding around her. She even felt pressure on her bed, as if someone were sitting down. Her mother, Virginia, recalls how she knew something was wrong when Alex began to keep the television on late at night with the volume turned up very loud. The noise and the picture, Alex says, allowed her to focus on the television and draw her attention away from what she was experiencing. Like Rita and Melissa, Virginia did not know what to do to help her daughter, and eventually sought help from a professional psychic. Alex has now learned that she can control how she handles what happens around her using various techniques. She can shut out unwanted spirits, for example, by envisioning a door closing, or by imaging her “third eye” closing.

Alex’s home has also had some occurrences that her family is unable to explain. The most dramatic of these were when a glass shower door shattered when no one was even near the bathroom, and when the brass blade of a ceiling fan, cleanly broken, fell onto the dining room table. Of course the family looked for logical explanations. Virginia reasoned that maybe the shower door had faulty glass. But the door didn’t just crack or break evenly; it seemed to have exploded—the glass did not fall in one direction, but outward in different directions. The fan blade was broken cleanly, with no jagged or twisted metal, and there was no dent on the dining room table where it had fallen. Maybe there is a reasonable explanation. Our world is made up of energy, which moves and vibrates. Turning on a television or computer and seeing moving images, picking up a phone and hearing the voice of a person halfway across the world—these would have been impossible to believe a few centuries ago. Maybe shattered doors and broken blades belong to a part of science that we haven’t yet discovered. Or maybe the physical and the spiritual levels of our reality are more closely linked than we realize.

Alex, Jamie, and Emma have not yet met. All three have worked with John and will hopefully meet soon. Since she is older than them, Alex wonders how the younger girls will see her—maybe as “old,” she says jokingly. But I don’t think the age difference will make one bit of difference. When I met Emma and Jamie, it was also the first time the two of them had met, and I would never have guessed. The two seemed to bond right away, in spite of the fact that one is 10 and one 16. The next time I saw them, it was the same—they seemed to share an easy familiarity and were comfortable with one another. I think when Alex meets them, the three will connect on a deeper level that has nothing to do with where they are in their physical lives.

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A Post by Melissa, Emma’s Mom

My daughter, Emma, first showed her “ability” to her father and I when she was just about two years old. She had never met her “Pop Pop” (my Grandfather), as he passed away one week from her first birthday. But one fateful day she pointed down the hallway in our house and said “Pop Pop”!!! There is no way she would have known that.

In the years that followed, I would hear her recall seeing “someone” on the stairs. These sightings were mentioned once a year at ages four through six. She never showed any fear….it was nothing more than a casual mention. However, at age eight, everything changed. She started “seeing” and “hearing” spirits on a daily basis. She never saw loved ones who passed, only strangers. Since she was older and now realized these “people” weren’t really “there,” she became extremely afraid. It seemed her fear only made her ability stronger, as it seems some of these spirits were more than happy to play on her fear and it fed their fire. As a mother who does not have this gift, I was at a complete loss as to what to do to help her. I always believed her and never made her feel like she was lying or just seeing things.

I had come across a medium who had a blog on my town website and I contacted her. She was more than willing to help my daughter, but wanted to meet her father and I first, of course. When we met her she was extremely nice and put us at ease. I definitely felt this was going in the right direction. She blessed rooms in our house and did everything that seemed right. It was also during her visit that my husband finally opened up and admitted the entire truth about HIS ability! Wow! The things a wife doesn’t know about her husband! LOL!!! Now we know what side of the family this gift was inherited from. It seems his abilities were coming out stronger than ever in parallel with Emma. As I grew to like this woman, I decided to have a psychic party at my house with her. This was my first huge mistake. I had asked her to please make sure she blessed the house before leaving the party and made sure spirit had “left the building.” She did not do this for me. She simply told me not to worry and that it was fine. Well, it was not fine. Ironically enough, after this party, Emma was more tortured than ever with her gift. She was seeing things that made her feel so scared she did not want to go to her room alone. I decided to not have this woman meet my daughter.

From this point forward I realized I had to be super careful with who I allowed in my house next to help her. A few more months went by and during a conversation with a friend about my daughter, she told me she had a name she was going to get for me from her friend. The name she gave me was for a physic medium who lived nearby whose name was John Altieri. He listened to Emma’s story and wanted to help immediately. I knew this man would be my answer. Besides blessing each room and person in the house, he taught Emma how to not fear her gift and how the power of prayer would always protect her. I can happily say that since her fear is gone, her gift is under control and her surroundings have been much “quieter.” John is a very caring man who has given my daughter the peace and understanding she needed. She realizes her gift will never go away, but that she has the power to control it.

I hope this blog will give other parents who have psychic children the resources they need to help understand their child’s gift better and get a better grip on it themselves. I am grateful I was able to find help for my daughter rather quickly, but I wish I had this tool. Please let me know if my daughter and I can be of any help. It is one thing to watch people with this gift on television for your own entertainment value, or even get your own reading or hear OTHER people’s stories. But when these things happen in YOUR house to YOUR child, it is definitely not in any parenting 101 handbooks!

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A Post by Rita, Jamie’s Mom

It’s not easy for a parent of a child with psychic abilities. It took many years for me to understand what has been going on. It all started when Jamie was 4 years old. My brother-in-law passed away one month before Jamie’s fourth birthday. Jamie would talk about Uncle Kevin and how he would sit at the end of her bed. I totally dismissed this because I assumed it was wishful thinking. She tells me now that she didn’t understand why everyone was so sad at her birthday party. She would ask why everyone was so sad and I would say they miss Uncle Kevin. Jamie would say, “Why? He’s here!” Again I would dismiss. This went on for a while and other “strange” things would come up. But I didn’t pay too much attention, I think, because I really didn’t want to deal with it. For instance, at three years old she told me that while sitting on her star (yes in the sky) she “picked” me to be her mom. Another incident regarding Uncle Kevin was that she wanted so badly for him to be at her Communion. She was now a little older and knew it wasn’t possible. But many times over she would say how she wished he could be there. Well, don’t you know during the Communion mass the priest was to say the word “heaven” in his sermon but instead he said “Kevin”!! Our whole family turned towards us in disbelief. I then told Jamie, you got your wish. Uncle Kevin is here. Things like this would happen and we knew Jamie was “tuned in”.

Fast forward to last summer. She was 15 years old. Jamie was experiencing more and more events in our house and now it was freaking her out. I had no idea what to do. She would tell me things are “not right” in the house and especially in her room.

My husband and I went to dinner one night and that’s when it all hit the fan. We weren’t at the restaurant five minutes when Jamie called me hysterical that strange things were going on in the house. It scared her so much that she ran out of the house to a neighbor’s. It was then I knew I had to deal with this and find out what was going in and how to stop it. But how?

By luck, or I would now say divine intervention, my girlfriend was meeting with John Altieri at her home. He was there to bless her house to ring in 2013. She invited me to come meet him to discuss what was going on. I jumped at the opportunity since I had nowhere else to turn. John and I spoke via phone before I met him. I explained what Jamie was experiencing. He was so comforting. He told me we weren’t crazy, that he totally understood what was going on. Seems as though at 15-16 years of age this “gift” becomes more acute, which is why Jamie was having more and more encounters.

Meeting John has made all the difference in understanding the paranormal world and learning how to deal with it. Jamie is now confident and has the tools to understand and move forward with this gift she can now embrace. Our house has quieted down. Jamie wants to use it to help others. We cannot thank John enough.

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Psyche, the Girl


The word “psychic” comes from the word “psyche” (pronounced with a long “e” at the end) which means “mind,” “soul,” or “spirit.” In ancient Greek mythology, Psyche was a beautiful young woman who fell in love with Cupid, the god of love, and who later became the living image of the human soul. This painting, Psyche in the Temple of Love, was made by Edward John Poynter in 1882. To read the story of Psyche, click here.

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Meeting Emma and Jamie

The gifts people are born with come in such a wonderful range.  Some are good artistically, and can paint, play music, or perform.  Others are talented teachers, healers, or counselors.  For some, the ability to be patient and helpful so that others feel comfortable around them is a gift, while still others have a talent for making people laugh. For Emma, 10, and Jamie, 16, their gifts are their psychic abilities.

I am not a psychic.  I’ve known psychics and gone for readings, and I’ve worked with kids as a museum educator and curriculum developer.  But before meeting Jamie and Emma, I had never met any kids who had psychic gifts.  I figured it must be difficult to be a kid and experience things that maybe you can’t explain—like seeing a spirit or hearing a voice that no one else seems to hear.  And I watch a lot of TV, so I’ve seen shows where psychic children looked miserable because they didn’t know how to handle what they were going through.  So I didn’t know what to expect when I was first invited by John and the girls’ parents to meet them. Would they seem serious and unhappy?  Scared?  Somehow different from other kids?  The answer to all of these questions was a definite “no.”  When I was introduced to Emma and Jamie, I met two lovely girls with beautiful smiles who were confident and easy to talk to.

Emma and Jamie told me about the different ways they experience things, and listening to them helped me understand how psychic gifts are expressed differently for different people. For example, Emma sees spirits in their full body, while Jamie usually sees them as mist or shadow, and sometimes only the upper part of them. Both can hear spirits speaking, and Emma has seen other images (a message posted on a wall, for instance), while Jamie has heard animals that have passed on. 

John asked the girls to test their abilities while I was there and tell me something about myself.  Emma picked up on the fact that I have a brother who makes people laugh and is always fun to be around. Jamie told me that she sensed my mother and my grandmother around me.  (Both women had passed away many years ago.)  In fact, three psychics at three different times have told me that my grandmother, someone I was very close to in life, is still with me and watching over me.

Jamie and Emma have not always been comfortable being psychic.  Their abilities have been frightening for them, and sometimes it’s still very hard for them to have certain experiences.  But by working with John, and by having the support of their parents, they have learned to better understand and control their interaction with the paranormal world.  This is an ongoing process.  Like with any gift, skills need to be sharpened and new things learned.  That is what the girls are doing now.

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